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Musician Royalty Rip Off A site to Guide Musicians
There is a lot of discussion regarding the fair payment of writers and performers of music that is being streamed -
whether for a very small price per stream or for ...

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Indie Bible cover scan

I Am Old Glory
And I Will Welcome Your Return.

One of the most beautiful songs ever written.

New CDS and DVDS From Chuck Mangione


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Casper and The Ghosts are under "Interviews".
GREAT Bands and Artists
from Dynamic Productions

Over 50 wonderful groups all available to play anywhere in the world.

Pilato Entertainment Group



Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

Greg Lake

Carl Palmer

Special Blend

Jeff Sawyer

Omar Faruk Tekbilek

Nenad Bach
Croatia's # 1 Music Star

Revisited - Andy Michael
From Mandurah, West Australia
Revisited - Andy Michael

Annie Barker
Intelligent songs by a heartfelt dream pop artist produced by Robin Guthrie from the Cocteau Twins.

Brian Hartzog's Funk And Roll Music
Want some funk&roll? Taste this mix of classic rock&funk--Beatles meets P-funk; Bowie meets Prince.

Contemporary Christian Rock Band
Contemporary Christian Rock Band for every event with new CD release.

Jeff Merchant Music
Jeff Merchant is a purveyor of slickly arranged orchestral indie-pop with jazz and folk undertones.

John Covert and Crystal Image
new cd release: john covert and crystal image.

Jamie Coon
"Everything So Far" the new album from Native American singer/songwriter Jamie Coon.

Joe Santora and Emily Kirchoff Jazz Duo
From Rochester, New York

Sound Clips and More About Joe Santora and Emily Kirchoff Jazz Duo

Kate Lee

Kinloch Nelson


mutant press
mutant underground music and guitar store featuring mutant press and 500 pound weasel records....

My Irish Heart - Phil Klein
GREAT Irish CD! Great style!

Nancy Perry
Mostly a guitar player, Nancy also sits down to the ivory keys now and then to sing Carol King favorites or a Norah Jones ballad. You never know if she’s going to belt out Don’t Think Twice by Bob Dylan, All At Once by The Fray, Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash or At Last by Etta James. Every show is unique and entertaining because the songs Nancy sings comes from just about every era you can think of from 1960- 2009. Nancy is also a full time music therapist.

New Music for a New Age
Contemporary Classic Rock! New Music for a New Age.

New World Flamenco Jazz
Passionate instrumental music that lifts your spirit and inspires your soul.

Jeff Elliott

Can only be described in one word - "UNBELIEVABLE"

PJ Elliott

PJ is an accomplished musician who has been performing for nearly 20 years,
both as a solo act and with various bands.

Relaxation Music Sharon Drury New Age Ambient

Relaxing New Age and Ambient music by Sharon Drury including Soy Candles and Soy Body Products

Suns of March Official Website
A unique movement of southern based rock with an alternative flare, characterized by clever vocals.


The Damsels
The Damsels are a Rock band with haunting harmonies and a driving backbeat.

Todd Duffley and Friends

Americanna, Acoustic, Folk Rock.

Visions of a Nomad (music from australia)
Visions of a Nomad plays jazz fusion with an Australian Indigenous twist.

Wes and Victoria

Quote from Academy Award winning songwriter Paul Williams about the music: Powerful stuff ...
haunting, tortured, unique ... uplifting in a 'friend pulling you up and over a concrete wall' kind of way ..

William Buda
Instrumental music.

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